Soft Serve Machine Hire

Soft Serve Machine Hire

Soft Serve Machine Hire

Our soft serve machine hire packages are a summer favourite and come with a fast freezing dispensing unit delivered to your door. We have over 5 flavours to choose from with a large selection of sauces and of course all the toppings your imagination can muster. Speak to our event specialists to tailor make your package!

This is that summer favourite that brings memories of sunshine, laughs and yes sometimes brain freezes. We offer the countries best soft serve machine hire service which can be tailor-made to your preference. Great for a variety of events our soft serve mix is of the highest quality and 100% full cream based.

Our soft serve packages are offered in increments of 50 servings and we do offer volume-based per unit discounts on servings of 150 or more.
Custom build your own party package and combine with any of our other 20 delicious products.


  • Table top soft serve machine
  • Thick creamy soft serve mix with a choice from three flavours
  • Three thick sauces including toffee, chocolate and strawberry
  • Sprinkles
  • Packages offered in increments of 50 units
  • Volume-based discounts for orders above 150 servings

Optional Extras

  • Wafer cones or cups
  • Sugar Cones
  • Large assortment of toppings (ask for our menu)
  • Mobile bar build a soft serve station
  • Cone and cup branding options
  • Wafer disks and cones
  • Staffing

Soft Serve Fun Facts

  • 12 pounds of milk is necessary to make just 3.6 litres of ice cream.
  • Americans are the biggest ice cream eaters in the world and an average American consumes 48 pints of it every year.
  • The amount of money generated by ice cream sales in the US is more than 21 billion dollars per year.
  • The record for the biggest ice cream sundae is held by Alberta in Canada. It weighed more than 24 tons and was made in 1988. But don’t try to order one of them if you visit Alberta!
  • Do you know that the ice cream cone was born because a vendor in the World’s Fair held in St. Luis couldn’t manage the demand? He went short of cups and a waffle vendor came to his aid by rolling his waffles to make cones. This reportedly occurred in 1904.