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Slush Machine Hire

This frozen granita drink is a true South African favourite with our summers demanding an ice-cold refreshment that is not only refreshing but super delicious. Sweet Solutions have a number of special options in frozen drinks ranging from our very popular slush puppy machine hire to our frozen granita fruit smoothies.

We have imported the highest quality fastest freezing slush machines and have proudly played a big part in the success of over 1000 events in South Africa. This is the tastiest drink option summer has to offer and with the affordability and convenience of our slush machine hire package offering, we bring the cool to summer.

We offer 10 delicious flavours with our slush puppy machine hire. The versatility of our frozen ice drinks reaches far and wide and a great solution for a variety of events. Big, small, corporate or private, the secret is in the recipe and the power of the imported Italian slush machines that freeze faster than any other in the market.
Ask our staff about our gourmet slush cocktails that offer a healthier and more gourmet option using only fresh fruit ingredients that literally melt in your mouth. Just watch out for the brain Freeeeze!


  • 2 or 3 flavour slush machine
  • Packaging with cups and straws
  • Choice from7 high-quality syrup-based slush mix (no artificial powders used)
  • Packages served in increments of 50 units
  • Minimum order 50 units

Optional Extras

  • Jam jar rentals
  • Mobile Bar
  • Sweet solutions staff member to help staff
  • Stripped paper straws
  • Volume-based per serving discounts on servings on 150 or more
  • Corporate Branding
  • Additional 5-litre refills (25 servings) with use or return for free policy.

Some Fun facts about Slush

  • In America, slushies are known as slurpies and are so popular 7 Eleven made a vinyl record to pay homage to the delicious treat.
  • Slush: Sugar acts as the natural antifreeze for slushies. Sugar breaks down the compounds binding particles of ice together making the ice soft and easy our slush machines spirals to break down the ice particles.
  • Our cocktails on Tap range offer real fruit juice as the base of our cocktails giving you a healthy option to choose from.

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