Ice-Cream Sundae

Ice-Cream Sundae’s

Ice-Cream Sundae’s

Combining some of the most delicious ingredients we have to offer, our Ice-Cream Sundae’s cups are a delicious treat fit for any sweet tooth. A truly tailored solution this full thick and creamy soft serve base can be combined with a number of toppings. Traditionally syrups, soft serve, chocolate crumbles, cream with a cherry on top are offered as standard.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, we have an enormous variety of delicious ingredients to add to your Sundae and the choices are endless. If you can crave it… we can deliver it. Speak to a Sweet Solutions specialist to let us know what tickles your fancy.

These are an easy take away treat that are great for activations and product launches. With the versatility to suit any budget and a variety of choices, our team will deliver a memorable tasty treat. 



  • Machinery, ingredients and packaging
  • An assortment of 5 different flavours including Strawberry, Caramel, Chocolate, Bubble-Gum and Toffee
  • Cherry, cream and sprinkle topping
  • Sweet Solutions Staff member

Optional Extras


  • Custom build your Sunday with a huge selection of toppings. Some examples are chocolate chips, fruit, Oreos and more
  • Wafer cups with flakes
  • Mobile bar option (branding options are available)
  • Branded cups
  • Accompany this with a selection of over 20 delicious products

Ice Cream Sunday Fun Facts


  • The World’s largest ice cream sundae weighed in at nearly 55,000 pounds. It was from 20.27 tons of ice cream, 4.39 tons of syrup, and 537 pounds of topping.
  • Ice cream sundaes were originally “Sundays,” but the spelling was changed to avoid offending religious bluenoses.
  • There are three versions of where the sundae tradition originated from Illinois, Three rivers or New York. Truth be said nobody really knows for sure. One thing that is certain is they are delicious and we know how to serve the best!


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