Waffle Station 3


Golden, crispy and freshly baked our waffles are a perfect comfort food for any event. Made fresh Onsight using piping hot waffle irons and served warm. We use our secret family recipe passed down generations to make sure this is a real wow factor at your event. We don’t believe in bought premade waffles from wholesalers that are warmed up on site, they just don’t taste the same.

Our waffle stations are a tailor-made solution with the standard package coming with soft serve and 3 flavoured syrups. Of course, this is only the start and we offer an engaging and enticing “build a waffle station” where you can create your own delicious waffle to your tastes. Just ask one of our event planners for our full topping’s menu.



  • Circular Waffle Irons
  • Soft serve machine with ingredients
  • 3 flavored Sauces
  • Plastic/paper plates. Fork and Knife
  • Minimum order of 35 servings
  • Volume-based discounts for 150 or more servings
  • Staffing

Optional Extras


  • Choice from a huge selection of toppings
  • Mobile bar serving station
  • Porcelain plates and cutlery

Waffle Station Fun Facts


  • The Word Waffle has Dutch origins and is derived from the term “wafer” …like the biscuit.
  • Waffles date back to the 17th century and are mentioned in a French manuscript. Apparently, they were just as delicious back then! Put them behind our waffle bar and you have a winning combination
  • The world record for the biggest waffle is 8 feet long…wowzers!
  • The record for the most amount of waffles eaten in 10 minutes is …. wait for it…29!
  • The waffle gave birth to the first ice cream cone. In 1904 at a fair in south Gernsi. A vendor ran out of ice cream cups and asked a neighbouring waffle vendor if he could help. Hence the waffle cone!


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