Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar

Waffle and Pancake bar

Fresh golden and crispy!! Our waffle Bar is a true crowd pleaser. Freshly made onsite with a choice of soft serve sauces and sprinkles and fruit. Looking to add a real wow factor? Why not build your waffle with a variety of toppings – from healthy choices such as fruit, berries and nuts to delicious sweet toppings like fudge, M&M’s and Oreos to name a few.

Looking for something a little more user friendly for an event, why not try our waffle sticks which are a great take away and coated in delicious chocolate and caramel sauce? With this offering you get the golden crispy taste of a waffle but wrapped around a skewer to make it even easier and more affordable

Why book a Waffle Bar with Sweet Solutions?

  • Our waffles are made fresh and crispy on site to ensure your waffles are warm and oozing with taste
  • Wide variety of options to build your own waffle bar creation. Speak to our waffle specialists to find out more about your options
  • We offer a few options including traditional flat waffle, waffle sticks and our delicious crepes/pancakes
  • All our bars come with a Sweet Solutions specialist crew. Our team knows delicious like nobody else and have a real passion for what we do.
  • Our Volume based discounts: With all orders above 150 servings we provide up to 20% discount on each serving. Yes please!
  • All our mobile bars are elegant and can be fully branded and custom lit to suit your color theme!
  • Ask our team about branding your packaging. Studies show that brands associated with taste has 73% more likely hood to make an impact.

Waffle Fun Facts

  • The Word Waffle has Dutch origins and is derived from the term “wafer” …like the biscuit.
  • Waffles date back to the 17th century and are mentioned in a French manuscript. Apparently, they were just as delicious back then! Put them behind our waffle bar and you have a winner combination
  • The world record for the biggest waffle is 8 feet long…wowzers!
  • The record for the most amount of waffles eaten in 10 minutes is …. wait for it…29!
  • The waffle gave birth to the first ice cream cone. In 1904 at a fair in south Gernsi. A vendor ran out of ice cream cups and asked a neighboring waffle vendor if he could help. Hence the waffle cone!