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Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Bar

Soft Serve and Frozen Yogurt Bar

We offer a fantastic soft serve mobile bar which is the perfect summer Sweet Solutions. A thick creamy soft-serve is available in a variety of flavors sauces and sprinkles. Pair this with the sheik elegant look of our brandable mobile bars and you have a winner! As with all our offerings your choices are endless when customizing this mobile bar offering. Need a flake, wafer cones or a variety of toppings? No problem, let us help you find the perfect Sweet Solutions. Why not combine this your bar with our frozen yogurt product? Coupled with a sweet display to build your own frozen yogurt master piece. Our frozen yogurt has been sourced from the experts all the way from Italy; so, you know our product will be thick, creamy and healthy.

Why Our Soft Serve Bar?

  • Superb assortment of toppings and flavors.
  • Thick creamy ingredients for the best tasting soft serve and frozen yogurt
  • Fantastic Presentation: Our health bars are garnished with beautifully presented fruit display and menus.
  • All our bars come with a Sweet Solutions specialist crew. Our team knows delicious like nobody else and have a real passion for what we do.
  • Our Volume based discounts: With all orders above 150 servings we provide up to 20% discount on each serving. Yes please!
  • All our bars are elegant and can be fully branded and custom lit to suit your colour theme!
  • Ask our team about branding your packaging. Studies show that brands associated with taste has 73% more likely hood to make an impact

Soft Serve Fun Facts

  • 12 pounds of milk is necessary to make just 3.6 ltr of ice cream.
  • Americans are the biggest ice cream eaters in the world and an average American consumes 48 pints of it every year.
  • The amount of money generated by ice cream sales in the US is more than 21 billion dollars per year.
  • Record for the biggest ice cream sundae is held by Alberta in Canada. It weighed more than 24 tons and was made in 1988. But don’t try to order one of them if you visit Alberta!
  • Do you know that the ice cream cone was born because a vendor in World’s Fair held in St. Luis couldn’t manage the demand? He went short of cups and a waffle vendor came to his aid by rolling his waffles to make cones. This reportedly occurred in 1904.