Health Bar

Health Bar

Okay so let’s get this right… yes, Sweet Solutions offer a huge range of sweet decadent treats across our product range. There is no reason why we cannot pair delicious with healthy. This is exactly what Sweet Solutions’ health mobile bar offers. Below are some of the delicious offerings we can add to this healthy choice

  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Health smoothies
  • Branded Mineral Water
  • Protein shakes
  • Muesli and yogurt breakfast jars
  • Fruit Skewers

Why Book A Health Mobile Bar with Us?

  • Versatility: We can offer a wide range of healthy options for your health-conscious guests that are not limited by our list but only your preferences
  • Fantastic Presentation: Our health bars are garnished with beautifully presented fruit display and menus.
  • All our bars come with a Sweet Solutions’ specialist crew. Our team knows delicious like nobody else and have a real passion for what we do.
  • Our Volume based discounts: With all orders above 150 servings we provide up to 20% discount on each serving. Yes please!
  • All our bars are elegant and can be fully branded and custom lit to suit your colour theme!
  • Ask our team about branding your packaging. Studies show that brands associated with taste has 73% more likelihood to make an impact

Looking for a little more?   Then have a look at some other great products to add to your health mobile bar.

Some healthy Fun Facts:

  • Frozen yogurt: Frozen yogurt contains bacteria. No need to stress it’s supposed to be alive and contain bacteria. This bacterium is considered “healthy bacteria””. The bacteria in frozen yogurt is not harmful in any way and they cannot cause you to become health. In fact, the bacteria in frozen yogurt do just the opposite. It has been shown that frozen yogurt bacteria help keep people’s digestive systems healthy and regular and help boost the body’s immune system, so it can fight off infections.
  • We offer a large selection of Health Smoothies – hand made to include all the original healthy ingredients to boost your guests

We offer branded mineral waters …. so why not speak to our specialist event coordinators to find out more information on how we can pair your brand with our mineral water.