Cocktail and Slush Bar

Cocktail and Slush Bar

Cocktail and Slush Bar

Sweet solutions have a simple philosophy…. offer delicious cocktails with great service. Our cocktail and slush bar is no different and the real secret is the quality of our products. As with all our offerings we believe in freedom of choice and true to our word our Cocktail and Slush bar don’t disappoint. We have two product lines served from our Cocktails and Slush Bars

Cocktails: Fruit based gourmet cocktails made from fresh fruit juice and ingredients. Our recipes have been hand crafted by the countries best mixologists. We offer classics such as Mojito, Pina-colada and Strawberry Daiquiri but also a wide range of lesser known cocktails. The decadent cocktails can be served without alcohol for a mouth-watering mocktail option. We hire the industries best barmen and mixoligists to not only add a delicious offering to your offering but also a central entertainment feature

Slushies: We all know the delicious taste of slush and how it reminds us of movies and hot summer days to name a few. Sweet Solutions offer a large selection of flavors with a range of colors to suite your color scheme or theme. We don’t believe in providing our clients with synthetic high preservative powdered slush. We offer high quality syrup-based options…why…. Because we believe in the quality of our products. Our slush cocktails are a favorite for those who prefer a more decadent Granita option. Using only fresh fruit juice these gourmet slush cocktails are a fantastic solution for large events

Our Cocktail and slush bar is unlike anything being offered by the mobile industry. Why? Because we offer high pedigree cocktails hand crafted by the countries best mixologists and served out of our elegant Italian granita machines or hand made by our professional barmen. This extremely popular corporate choice has marked its name in South Africa’s event industry.

Some Great Reasons to book a Slush and Cocktail Bar

  • This is an affordable choice in providing quality cocktails to large guests lists. Slashing the concept that cocktails will destroy your budget this is the perfect balance between quality and affordability. With the ability to serve 100 cocktails in 30 minutes it’s the perfect welcome drink or large crowd pleaser
  • Wide variety of flavors and choice of products from our extensive gourmet cocktail menu to our versatile slush menu
  • We only use the best quality fast freezing machines on the market. They are both reliable and look great!
  • All our bars come with a Sweet Solutions’ specialist crew. Our team knows delicious like nobody else and have a real passion for what we do.
  • Our Volume based discounts: With all orders above 150 servings we provide up to 20% discount on each serving. Yes please!
  • All bars are elegant and can be fully branded and custom lit to suit your color theme!
  • Ask our team about branding your packaging. Studies show that brands associated with taste has 73% more likely hood to make an impact

Some Fun facts about Slush

  • In America slushies are known as slurpies and are so popular 7 Eleven made a vinyl record to pay homage to the delicious treat
  • Slush: Sugar acts as the natural antifreeze for slushies. Sugar breaks down the compounds binding particles of ice together making the ice soft and easy our slush machines spirals to break down the ice particles
  • Our cocktails on Tap range offer real fruit juice as the base of our cocktails giving you a healthy option to choose from

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