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Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Boys Birthday Party Ideas

“A Survival guide to planning an unforgettable birthday party” 

Themed birthday parties are a big event in any child’s life. The themes can vary from popular toys like “Legos” to comic books heroes like Ironman.

Taking care of all the party details can be daunting. We’ve made a list that includes everything you didn’t think of yet, from themes to possible venues to catering and entertainment.

10 of the best Party Themes for a Boys Birthday party

  • Thomas Train – Choo Choo! Younger kids will get a kick out of a Thomas Train and themed décor is easy to come by.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER! The boys will love dressing up as their favorite turtle and beating up Shredder (Dad.)
  • Super Mario – The boys can take turns playing the Nintendo games. If you’re creative, you can make paper tunnels going in and out of the house.
  • PAW Patrol – Who let the dogs out? If you have family dogs, you can dress them up as the show’s characters or take the kids to a live performance.
  • Star Wars – Boys and lightsabers; what could go wrong?
  • Cars – Decorate the room with Car-themed supplies, such as checkered flags and yellow road cones. Buy small matchbox cars and let the boys design their own.
  • Sports – Cakes shaped as footballs are easy to make. The boys can have a rousing game of flag football beforehand.
  • Lego Theme – A talented bakery can make a Lego-themed birthday cake. If you live near one, a field trip to the Legoland amusement park can be arranged but watch where you step
  • Superheroes – With all the movies about comic book characters, you have so many options for superhero party themes. Batman, Superman, The Incredibles…

Party Rentals

When you’re thinking of catering at your party, don’t forget the candy and Yum food! If you’re having a large party, why not get rent a party rental machine for the day? Sweet Solutions offer affordable birthday rentals for hire.

  • Slush Puppy Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machine
  • Candy floss Machine

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You can’t have a party without entertainment! The type of entertainment depends on the age of the boys at the birthday party. Party rentals are a booming business.

Some Great party entertainment ideas

  • Jumping Castles – Inflatable and trampolines with roofs that are blown up and placed in backyards are a great party option. They come in a variety of themes. A few options are castles, dragons, monster trucks or a simple house. Just ask our staff and we will get you sorted
  • DJ – If the party is for teen boys with girls invited, a DJ is a great way to break the ice. Getting on the dance floor gives the party a relaxed feeling where everyone can let loose.
  • Party Hosts – Part hosts are similar to DJs but without the music. They can be clowns or magicians or even mascots from your local sports teams.

Party Venues

Not everyone wants a gaggle of rowdy boys let loose in their home. A certain rental venue can also be relative to the theme of the birthday party.

  • Bowling Alley A bowling alley fits perfecting with the bowling theme. You won’t have to make snacks or provide food. Most bowling alleys have arcades, which is double the entertainment.
  • Paintball Boys love messes and guns. Why not combine the two and let them work out all their pent-up energy with a game of paintball?
  • A Cricket , rugby or soccer match – Fitting with the sports theme, a day out watching the boks or proteas is hard to beat
  • Amusement Park – Theme parks can be a bit pricey for large groups. If you can’t afford to take an entire group, have the boy pick two of his closest friends to take to the theme park for a day. Gold reef city or Retanga junction?
  • Movie Theaters – Many movies theaters host birthday parties with popcorn machines available to rent. Maybe a superhero movie will be playing.
  • Go-Karts – For boys who love racing and cars, a trip to the local recreational area is a fun party idea. Some of the recreational parks even have water bumper boats. This is another idea that may be too expensive for large groups.
  • Bike Park: Boys love to ride and a good bike like PWC family park is a great way to get everybody active showing off their riding skills.

Themed birthday parties are very popular for kids today. It is a special memory the boys will look back on when they’re adults. Sweet solutions offer a one stop event planning service to take the hassle out of your hands so you can enjoy the day.

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